Try these games and activities that involve problem solving.

Check out these escape games.

Have you ever played

MathRun?  My brainspeed is 743.

Can you beat my score?



Volume Surface area aplet

Write your own newspaper article

Knowword - how is your vocabulary

Lego Building Challenge

Floodit or try Snewz Games Floodit

Hands Only Symphony

Geometry game

Play the drums -- Press the launch button to start the application

CSI Investigations -- Check this out and write a short review about its educational value

3d Logic - I hope this works at school .... I am stuck on level 16.  Can you beat me?

Rebus Maker -

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - 27 math and/or logic puzzles

Fun Brain - Games that are good for your mind

Tic-tac-toe - 5 in a row

Daily Set Puzzle - Can you find all 6 sets?  Cards change daily.

Marbles - Check out this marble game. 

Memory Matrix - How's your memory?

Pocoro - The relaxing puzzle that is good for your mind

Cool Math Games - There are too many to list here

Jigsaw puzzles

Slider Puzzles

Highlights hidden Pictures - You loved this as a kid .....

Mancala - African game that you can play against the computer or a friend

Fun with Ben and Jerry - Do you like ice cream?  Do you like games?  This is your site.

Moneyville - Lemonade Stand and other activities

Word Games - Are you a linguist?

Wordle - Create your own word poster. Click HERE to see my red wordle.

WORD IT OUT - if you like Wordle you might like this one as well 

Tagxedo - like Wordle but you can choose the shape your word cloud is in

Fun Brain - Games for your academic brain.

House plans

More house stuff


12 Days of Christmas 2011

12 Days of Christmas 2012

12 Days of Christmas 2015


Elf Yourself


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